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Back from the dead
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28th-Dec-2004 12:25 am - NBA news
Damn, I didn't know that Vince Carter was traded to the Nets.
That should help Kidd out a little bit...
28th-Dec-2004 12:05 am(no subject)
I got my desk finished last night, and this morning, I tried my new hockey game. I think I will play it in a few minutes, after I get something to eat.

Tomorrow I am off work, and hopefully I can help get Derek, Luke, and I outta the house(s) and go do something.
I am also supposed to go see my son tomorrow night, but Kelli is gonna have to get ahold of me somehow, now that her phone is broken.

I still feel under the weather, but not as bad as I was yesterday and this morning.
26th-Dec-2004 09:42 pm - Simple got presents!!!!
I must thank Luke very much for the computer desk and the hockey game he gave me, that was very nice of him.
I'll find some way of getting something for him that he will like.

The only present I gave out this year was splitting the bill and getting Kimmeh some LJ time.

I'm outtie, gotta set up the desk now, and find something to eat.

24th-Dec-2004 06:47 pm(no subject)
uhhh, Merry Christmas...and stuff.
Ok, this is me, Jason, just verifying what Luke said.
Brandon Chase entered into the world at 12:23am. He is 5lbs and 15oz, and 19 inches long.
I wasn't allowed into the delivery room while he was being born, since her and I are split up.
After months and months of her swearing that she and Dung(Doug)oops, were done with, guess what?
They are back together, cause she "still loves him" even after all the fucking crap she was put through.
I don't really care anymore, I've been told I've been blessed that we aren't an item anymore, and I guess they're right.
All I care about right now is my son.

There will be a dna test to be done, just to be absolutely sure, and neither my or Dung's (oops again)Doug's name is on the birth certificate.
She says that she will not come after me for any child support, as long as I am a part of Brandon's life.
I have planned to be a part of his life no matter what, so that's a non-issue.
I will never trust her again however, so I plan on being very cautious when dealing with her.
19th-Nov-2004 11:20 pm - FilmLife Repersenting Mo-Fo!
This is LukaZ (filmlife)
Here to let you all
know that Jason is
offically a father!

Brandon Chase was born
12:23am on Nov 21, 2004
weighing in at... I forgot.

Love, Peace, & Chicken Grease!
I'm Outie!!!
6th-Nov-2004 11:18 pm - updates and such
yadda yadda yadda...been at my apartment, this computer is the only thing left to take there, but its staying here in st. clair so I still have internet.

Personal note: me and Kelli are pretty much split up. Baby is due in mere weeks, and I don't really know how that is gonna shake down, but I'm not sweating it. Everything will fall into place, good or bad, so I'm not worrying myself over it.

That is all.

Goodbye and goodnight...
30th-Oct-2004 02:59 pm - Slama lama ding dong
boy, living by yourself gets kinda boring and lonely...and it was the first night I stayed at my apartment.
Maybe it's cause there is no radio for music, but damn, I was so restless last night.
Tonight should be better, Luke is coming down to visit, and he is bringing jager with him.
Then tomorrow is a little St. Louis trip.
28th-Oct-2004 04:18 pm(no subject)
Well, well...
I am pretty much moved into my new apartment, all except for this computer, which is still here in St. Clair, and will be for just awhile longer.

Luke, you are horribe predicting baseball games, I'll never listen to you and your "feelings" again.
You suck cause you aren't coming down here as well. But I understand.
25th-Oct-2004 01:24 am(no subject)
I finally have my own apartment in Washington, 2 bedroom place, and I have some of my stuff in there.
I also bought myself a Gameboy Advance SP, since I don't have a playstation 2 anymore.

Ok, Boston has their 2 games, now the Cards can get back to winning...
Cards in 6.
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